Baseball/Softball Help Topics

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Keeping Score:

Keep track of runs and outs using the "Run" and "Out" buttons on each side of the baseball field. If you make a mistake at any point use the "Undo" button in the Action Area at the bottom of the display. If you made a mistake and went on without noticing you might not want to "undo" everything in between! In this case, tap on the scoreboard value that you want to correct (score, inning or outs) and you will be able to correct the value without having to "undo" anything.

The inning will advance every time you record a third out. This action always requires a confirmation via a dialog like this:

Confirmation is required to ensure that the score update highlight that is automatically sent is not sent inadvertently. This also allows you easily end the game at the appropriate time without having to visit the Game Setup activity.

You can let online followers know when runners are on base by tapping on the appropriate base. Simply tap again to remove the runner.

NOTE: This only works for first, second and third bases. You cannot have a runner at home plate!


Balls & Strikes

You can keep track of balls and strikes using the Ball, Strike and Clear buttons immediately below the scoreboard:

Recording a third strike will record an out just as if you had tapped the Out button.

IMPORTANT: Be careful if your kid strikes out for the third out of the inning - you need to record the strikeout in the My Kid area BEFORE you record the third strike because the third strike will advance the inning, switch sides and hide the My Kid batting buttons!

IMPORTANT: Balls and Strikes are NOT seen by those following online. This feature is only available if you want to keep track of the count yourself.


My Kid:

If you have provided your kid's name as part of the Game Setup, the "My Kid" area will be visible above the Action Area.

The My Kid area will always have a "Position" button with which you can specify the position that your kid is currently playing. If your kid is not in the lineup, choose "Bench." When your kid is not on the bench and your team is batting, you will see two additional buttons in the My Kid area. The buttons allow you to indicate what happened when your kid was at bat.

The "Safe" button has plays where your kid getting on base (even if someone else got out). The "Out" button has plays where your kid got out.

IMPORTANT: Updating your kid's baseball/softball stats does NOT update the team's stats!

IMPORTANT: Remember to record your kid's plays BEFORE you record the third out of the inning because the third out will advance the inning, switch sides and hide the My Kid batting buttons!


Multiple Kids:

You can keep track of stats for more than one kid by entering each kid name separated by commas in the "My Kid(s)" field in the Game Setup. If you have done this, you will see an additional Kid button in the My Kid area that lets you switch between the kids. If you have just two kids, each press of the button will switch to the other kid. If you have more than two kids, each press of the button will display a menu for you to choose which kid to display. Tapping on the kid's name will always move to the next kid whether there are two or more.



If you want to let followers know more details than the app can provide, you can send information in a "highlight." Think of a highlight as a text message to followers. To record a highlight, tap anywhere in the highlight area (just below the scoreboard), enter the highlight text and then tap the "Done" button (on the keyboard). The highlight text will be cleared when the highlight is successfully sent. If an error occurs sending the highlight, the Broadcast Button will show "Error" and the text will remain so you can try again.