My Kid Baseball
Schools • Springfield, OH
9:10pm Mon Apr 05, 2021
Them 10
Wildcats 1
7:37pm: End 7th: Them 10 - Wildcats 1
7:30pm: Middle 7th
7:21pm: Wildcats are feeling the pressure and have given up I'm afraid 😳
7:19pm: End 6th: Them 8 - Wildcats 0
7:12pm: Middle 6th
7:05pm: Mike's on the bench
7:04pm: End 5th: Them 7 - Wildcats 0
6:56pm: Middle 5th
6:53pm: Fouls
6:47pm: End 4th: Them 7 - Wildcats 0
6:41pm: Middle 4th
6:33pm: End 3rd: Them 7 - Wildcats 0
6:33pm: Car gets hitbl by the light pole
6:31pm: Mike at nat
6:30pm: Mike's on deck
6:28pm: Mike stops the run and makes the third out
6:27pm: Middle 3rd
6:20pm: Foul ball
6:18pm: I mean 19
6:17pm: 17 right outfield
6:16pm: Outfield
6:15pm: End 2nd: Them 4 - Wildcats 0
6:04pm: Middle 2nd
5:54pm: End 1st: Them 3 - Wildcats 0
5:47pm: Middle 1st